Will a Cracked Wing Mirror Fail an MOT Test?

Understanding MOT Standards for Wing Mirrors

When it comes to MOT testing, every component of your vehicle is scrutinized for its condition and functionality, including wing mirrors. A common question among car owners is whether a cracked wing mirror can lead to an MOT failure. Here’s what you need to know.

The Role of Wing Mirrors in MOT Testing

Wing mirrors are essential for safe driving as they provide the driver with a clear view of the road behind and alongside the vehicle. During an MOT test, inspectors look for any issues that could impair this visibility or pose a safety hazard.

Can a Cracked Wing Mirror Cause MOT Failure?

A cracked wing mirror can indeed result in an MOT failure, especially if the crack significantly affects the driver’s rear view. The key factors considered during the MOT test include:

  • Extent of Damage: Minor cracks might not cause a failure if they don’t impair visibility or pose a risk to other road users. However, larger cracks that distort the view or create sharp edges can lead to a fail.
  • Safety Hazard: If the crack could potentially lead to the mirror breaking further and causing harm, this increases the chances of an MOT failure.
  • Mirror Stability: Apart from the crack itself, the stability of the mirror is also checked. A cracked mirror that is loose or likely to fall off is a definite safety risk.

Addressing Cracked Wing Mirrors Before MOT

To avoid failing your MOT due to a cracked wing mirror, it’s advisable to repair or replace the mirror beforehand. Modern cars often have complex wing mirror assemblies with integrated indicators or cameras, so professional fitting might be required.


In summary, while a small crack in a wing mirror might not always result in an MOT failure, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Ensuring that your vehicle’s wing mirrors are in good condition not only helps it pass the MOT test but also enhances your safety on the road.